Candidates talk to other prospective candidates. Candidates talk to our clients about their experience with us. Candidates often become our clients. It is therefore crucial that candidates have a good experience and we believe this comes down to good communication from start to finish, keeping our candidates in the loop every step of the way. Our competency style interview process allows us to really understand our candidates and finding the right role and organisation for them.


We are committed and dedicated to our client’s needs. We stand by our core values that being honest, showing integrity and supporting diversity allow us to build long standing relationships with our clients. Most importantly, we listen. Good relationships are not about having the right person every time, they are about being honest throughout the Recruitment process. We want our clients to know that every candidate we place, is the right one.


We are dedicated to Diversity at Wise May and helping our clients create environments of equal participation. Diversity is about increasing employees actual participation, not just their symbolic participation. It is about recognising that we all succeed in different ways and as long as we are contributing, we don’t all have to contribute in the same way. Whilst we believe organisations can change hiring practices to increase the number of employees from underrepresented groups, the environment must be conducive to these people thriving, not just being hired.

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Project Coordinator

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Team Leader

Account Manager - Membership - City - £41K

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Recruitment Advisor

Recruiter - Financial Services - City - £55K

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